Start fresh with nature


Its 1.30pm and im spending my 3rd day of the new year 2015 with a bub laying asleep by my side and Mr Hubs in the kitchen..what a bliss huhhh ;)

Bukan malas nak masak,but my bub memang so very clingy to me this few hubby have to prepare the lunch, then dinner or even snack for today hehehe..

Well to kick start the new year,i have new improvised again..Dah lama tinggal alam memblog ni sejak menjak preggy and now ada bub mr Aidhan Hafiy yang sungguhla manja dgn ibu dia..nak tgk x dia? 

there you go...beliau sedang membantu menyelerakkan rumah lagi dan lagi..

i started this blog not so long time ago as to record my journey as an Atkiners dieters not followers ya..but then it happen that Allah grant us this precious lil bub (err maybe not so lil as he came to this world with starting weight of 3.8kg wehuuuuu) and i am blessed with the ability to BF my son up to this moment..BF stand for breast are welcome hehe...

So as a BF mommy,i no longer can contribute to the numbers of Atkinners dieters as by doing so, my milk production tend to decrease. this comment wasn't done base on my reading to any books or articles but this is prior to my own experience. So to be fair and square, i had a long thought about this blog. Nak padam sayang sebab da lama kan, tapi kalo nak teruskan membebel mengenai ehh mengenai yer... yes membebel mengenai diet Atkiners, i think i am no longer sesuai to do so sebab da tinggal lama. Dah tak praktis diet ni.Takut memberi info salah. Takut jugak tersalur idea tidak sesuai dengan tema Atkines ni.

i decided to keep this blog. Keep on blogging on my other love interest. Natural remedies or petua-petua traditional. it sound old ya i know but i love it anyway hehe. FYI my 72 year old mum dearest mum is my living google and practitioners for any natural remedies. Raised in the suburb of one of land below the wind city,natural remedies dah sebati dengan diri ini. Alhamdullilah in my 30 years of living never encounter masalah kesihatan yang serius but the minor one semuanya my mum selesaikan dengan pengetahuan traditional beliau. Thanks mum.

So to share the benefits and tips to all of us, im going to write about this interesting topic.Hope it can help in a way or another. 


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